Dawah Group

Dawah Group

by uma_superadmin
The Dawah Group has been a key initiative since inception of the UMA which was established in 2002. The Dawah Group has a broad structure which encompasses many initiatives. Our primary purpose is to seek the pleasure of Allah swt through inviting people back to the enlightenment of Islam and the worship of Allah swt.

The Dawah Group is often referred to as “The Engine” of the UMA as it is the body which contains the UMA’s most valuable assets: our volunteers. Many brothers have become part of the UMA Family through the Dawah Group and have gone on to become Mashayekh studying Islam overseas, Du’at (callers to Islam), Quran teachers, and even employees at the UMA. The Dawah Group is a very diverse group welcoming all brothers to get involved and volunteer in giving back to Allah swt and the community.

Dawah group initiatives and activities

  • Muslim Outreach
  • Street Dawah
  • UMA Community Engagement Program
  • Sydney Muslim Youth programs
  • RAHME (Recreational and Halal Muslim Entertainment)
  • Material Production
  • Major Events
  • Brotherhood Camps
  • Dawah Camps
  • Outings and I’tikaaf
  • Family BBQs
  • Masjid Open Days
  • Message Magazine
  • Weekly Brotherhood Gatherings
  • And much more

Muslim Outreach is a division of the Dawah Group which focuses on visiting Muslims who are in need of help, whether it is because they are sick or have lost their way. The brothers in this initiative are on-call and Alhamdulillah are experienced in dealing with the community’s needs.

The Street Dawah division focuses on educating Non-Muslims about Islam. Their aim is to engage with Non-Muslims, introduce them to Islam, and build bridges amongst the community. This initiative is held every Saturday at different locations around Sydney. The brothers have secured council permits and have a great, inviting and friendly setup which attracts hundreds of people every week.

The UMA Community Engagement Program is an initiative where UMA members get involved in community events like Clean-Up Australia Day, White Ribbon March, Relay for Life and more. The purpose of this program is to show the wider community that the Muslims in Australia are a part of the community and share concern over our home, Australia. This program also coordinates the Masjid Open Days and interfaith dialogue programs.

The Sydney Muslim Youth (SMY) programme focuses on providing an environment conducive to developing our youth into mature, engaged Muslims by guiding them through their teenage years and helping them establish a direction and career path. SMY hold two weekly youth programs for youth aged 12-15 years and 15 years and over. These programs have been successful in positively changing the lives of many young Muslims who have gone on to become influential brothers who contribute to the community.

RAHME is an initiative which gathers brothers on a social level through fortnightly outings. It is an extremely effective program for strengthening the brotherhood, inviting new brothers to the UMA and a Halal form of entertainment. Through this initiative, we hold programs such as bushwalking, water activities, camping, go-karting, survivor camps and many more fun and exciting activities.

The Dawah Group also holds major annual events. The Australian Muslim Youth Day (AMYD) provides careers and development forum for our youth to ensure they have the tools they need to make informed decisions about their futures. The “New Year’s Eve” Sports Program provides an environment of camaraderie and recreation and deters our youth from being in a less desirable environment. Our annual Summer & Winter Brotherhood camps attract over 170 brothers and are usually the catalyst in brothers making a positive change in their lives. There are also camps held specifically for the Dawah Group volunteers as well as Itikaafs and family outings, all of which foster unity and collaboration.

The Dawah Group is a crucial component of the UMA machine and touches the lives of many people in a positive way. Through this vehicle we strive to leave a legacy for our future generations in Australia in sha Allah.

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