2018: A new year

2018: A new year

by uma_superadmin

Time. It’s passing away so fast, we need to consciously stop ourselves for a minute and reflect on what’s going on around us and what’s happening within us.

We have now entered the New Year and continuing our life in this material world. Another day, another week, another year. Toiling through this world towards the inevitable.

How does a believer approach this event?

When a believer hears about the New Year he or she doesn’t think about partying and celebrating.

They look back at the year that was and look at their Iman (faith) level. That is the concern of the believer. Has it increased or decreased? Have they increased their knowledge? Are they doing more good deeds?

A believer is self-reproaching. A believer will judge his or her inner-self and critic his or her actions. They don’t blame the world, they think how they can improve themselves and help others. So we all need to admit we are lacking with our Iman and deeds in some way or another.

So what do you do now? – Let’s get that Deen brush out, and take off that rust from our hearts.

How? – Select some action items from below and stick to them for at least this whole year:

  1. Recite and ponder on the meanings of the Quran. Tranquillity then descends and our hearts become soft.
  2. Make an effort to gain knowledge. Enrol into a Shariah course or attend weekly lectures.
  3. Attend gatherings where Allah is remembered. In such gatherings we are surrounded by angels. The mosques, Da’wah gatherings, halaqas etc.
  4. Add fasting to your diet. Mondays and Thursdays, three middle days of the month etc.
  5. Make regularly dua (supplication) and istigfar (repentance), realize that we need Allah.

START TODAY NOT TOMORROW! So you’re not reading the same message next year with no improvement. Or worse yet, you’re time ran out.

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