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Invest in your Community

By donating to the United Muslims of Australia (UMA),  you’re investing in every UMA program, initiative, social service, lesson, publication, dawah, fundraiser and more, as well as our masjid, UMA Centre and future developments.

United Muslims of Australia

The United Muslims of Australia (UMA) is a non-profit, community and Islamic Dawah organisation that focuses on reviving the Islamic spirit in people’s lives in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah within a balanced framework of Islamic teachings.

The Prophet Muhammad said:

“The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and consistent one, even if it is small.”

[Al-Bukhari, Ibn Majah]

Support the UMA

With all the activities that the IJMA has either initiated or is currently supporting, a lot of resources and effort is needed from many people within and outside the UMA to endorse these projects. One way you can support these activities is through your financial support.

Help us keep the UMA Running and Growing.

Other Ways to Donate:

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Call to Donate
Call us on 0416000862
or 1300730693 to donate

Cash Donation
Cash donations welcome, with pick up service available

Bank Transfer

UMA Centre Limited
BSB: 082001
Account: 309631759
For overseas and
international transfers –

Use PayID for a simple and secure way to donate.
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Qard Hassan (Islamic Loan)
The UMA is accepting Islamic loans (QARD HASSAN) for a minimum period of 6 months. Loans will be agreed and signed by both Parties.

Our Vision

To give you and your loved ones a safe place to learn about Islam and feel part of your community, to be proud of your religion, and grow strong in your faith, so together we can build a better future for all of us.

Imagine the rewards you can earn by supporting us!

Founded in 2002, today the UMA is one of Australia’s largest and most successful Islamic organisations, hosting hundreds of events, services, courses, camps and activities every year for thousands locally and millions online, for all age groups and genders.

Receive the reward of every good deed, prayer and lessons taught through generations.

Invest in your Community’s Future

A donation to the UMA is an investment in your community’s future.

What Mufti Menk Says about the UMA

Why Muslims LOVE the UMA

Examples of where we invest your donations

Masjid for 5 daily prayers. taraweeh, jummah, lectures and more, for thousands of Muslims weekly.

Function hall for community
events and conferences.

World class indoor
youth centre.

Classrooms for personal development workshops and courses.

Offices for managing community services and events.

Employment of full-time and part-time staff for all our services

Marketing. digital media. prints, supplies, and event needs.

Future developments such as an Islamic Museum, Funeral Parlour, and more.

In these unprecedented times, we need your help now more than ever to keep our centre and services open.

Many of our classes and services have been forced to go on hold as we close our doors to the public during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic. This has significantly impacted our self-sustainable programs that fund the UMA centre, and in order to keep our centre and services open once we overcome this pandemic

During the Pandemic. our Sheikhs, Imams, Teachers, Staff and Volunteers are working on providing as many of our regular services as we can, in whatever way we can – with your help.

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