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Mentoring Division

Youth Development Program

The aims of the Youth Development Program (YDP) are:

  1. To equip the next generation with both the secular and Islamic knowledge required to stimulate critical thinking
  2. To imbed the core Islamic principles necessary to cultivate the correct Islamic mindset in the next generation of Muslim Youth
  3. To promote the necessity of  implementation, discipline and perseverance
  4. To foster the correct application with wisdom and balance in a relevant and practical manner
  5.  To inspire the vision of serving the community and propagating Islam

YDP endeavours to offer mentoring programs for males & females aged between 9 and 20; however, we are currently offering programs from ages 12-14yrs and 15-17yrs.

  • YDP2 (12-14yrs) covers topics including Tafseer, Fiqh Al-Seerah, Arabic & Tarbiyyah
  • YDP3 (15-17yrs) covers topics including Islam Studies, Sociology, History, Policy & Personal Development

Future programs

  • YDP1 (9-11yrs)
  • YDP4 (18-20yrs)

Our Other Dawah Department Initiatives:

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