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What is Dawah Department?

Spreading The Message…

Being one of the foundation programs within the UMA, the Dawah Department, comprising of both brothers and sisters’ teams was established with the vision to serve the community. To accomplish our religious duties of spreading the message of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) within the Australian community to both Muslims and Non-Muslims, we aim to always expand, upskill and fill as many gaps as possible within the community’s needs.

The Dawah Department revolves around 4 main principles:

  1. Developing outstanding Brotherhood and Sisterhood within the UMA community.
  2. Promoting the message of Allah and His Final Prophet to all members of society in a respectful and honest manner.
  3. Developing zeal, passion and knowledge to become better worshippers and to support others in improving their worship.
  4. Continuously explore opportunities for growth, development and enhancement to offer new programs to meet the demands of the community.

The Dawah Department focuses on reaching all members of the community to provide an opportunity to give back, develop a clearer perception and deliver a solid understanding of Islam for both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

This has been achieved through the following…

  • Developing programs and frameworks to educate others on the Islamic faith.
  • Building social cohesion and a greater understanding of the authentic teachings of Islam through the ‘Street Dawah’ Program.
  • Delivering a comprehensive system of inviting and educating people about Islam.
  • Working with other like-minded organisations to achieve common goals. • Sourcing, publishing, and distributing free Islamic material.
  • Meeting the needs of Muslim youth through specifically tailored programs while providing an Islamic setting that fosters learning, creativity, spirituality and fun.
  • Community engagement where volunteers regularly visit Muslims of all ages to overcome social and spiritual challenges.
  • Activities also include holding regular camps, family activities, including BBQs and social events, as well as participating in international educational courses

For more information on the UMA Dawah Department please contact 0430 329 224 or

Our Other Dawah Department Initiatives:

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