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Youth Division

Today’s Youth,

The Youth Division offers various programs and services to connect the Muslim youth to their Islamic roots. We focus primarily on instilling the Islamic identity and developing Islamic-minded youth to continue to uphold Islam, be proud of their religion and pass it on to the next generation

Youth in Focus

Youth in Focus

YIF was established to cater for the needs of boys aged 15-21 years. We recognised that young Muslims living through their teenage years are faced with
many challenges and are exposed to much of the world. YIF aims to be a platform where young Muslim boys can socialise in an Islamic, relaxed & comfortable environment and share their concerns with the mentors and one another.
Sydney Muslim Youth

Sydney Muslim Youth

SMY program offers a fun, exciting and spiritual environment where the youth get to enjoy being around young Muslims in an Islamic environment. We focus on establishing brotherhood/sisterhood, mentoring and producing Muslims who prioritise Islam. The SMY is a competitive program offering various engaging activities whereby the youth are divided into teams competing for the title of season champions. Some of these activities include mentoring halaqa, sports, PlayStation, arcade games and more.
UMA Sports Competitions

UMA Sports Competitions

We offer various sporting competitions throughout the year to attract brothers to the UMA Centre and an Islamic environment. The sports include soccer, basketball and oz-tag with competitions for both youth and adults

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