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Brotherhood Division

It all Begins with the Brotherhood!

A vital aspect in one’s steadfastness in their Islam is to achieve Islamic excellence in their environment and circle of friends, hence the objective of the brotherhood division. With the aim to facilitate this objective, we offer a variety of programs catering for brothers of all ages including:

The Hub – Brotherhood Gatherings

  • The Hub is a program inviting all brothers for a platform where they can mingle and socialise with other Muslim males in the best of environments, the Masjid.
  • The program comprises of a reminder delivered by Mashayekh and/or brothers followed by a split of smaller circles where brothers are able to interact, remind, or seek advice from one another in a non-judgemental environment.
  • The Hub also facilitates a pathway into the Dawah Department by regularly offering intakes into the foundation courses established by the divisions.

RAHME – Recreational and Halal Muslim Entertainment

  • RAHME offers Muslim males, aged 12years and over an exciting, fun and challenging program where the brothers gather every second Sunday after Fajr and participate in an activity together with the objective to strengthen the brotherhood in an Islamic, fitna-free environment.
  • RAHME also offers life & Islamic skills programs teaching matters including how to find the Qiblah, determining the time of prayer, how to find water and many more important skills.
  • RAHME activities include but are not limited to; swimming & hiking, kayaking, boating, archery, horse riding, escape rooms, sports and much more.


  • Once a month, the Itikaf program is held in the UMA Masjid. This program offers a night full of spiritual uplifting, strengthening your personal connection with Allah SWT , with the Masjid and with your brothers. The program is strictly for brothers 16 years and over.

Our Other Dawah Department Initiatives:

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