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Community Engagement Division

Engaging The Wider Australian Community

The Community Engagement Division was established with the vision to engage the wider Australian community to build bridges, clear misconceptions and provide education about Islam using authentic sources. We achieve this through the following initiatives:

ANMA – Australian New Muslims Association

  • ANMA is an avenue to provide insight, awareness and foundational education to the wider Australian Community relating to the message of Islam, it’s authentic teachings, morals and a perfect way of life.
  • ANMA facilitates courses throughout the year including ‘Towards Understanding Islam’, ‘Prayer & Purification’, ‘In Preparation for Ramadan’, ‘Foundations of Islam’ and more.
  • Some of the services ANMA offers include Revert Support, Events, Learn to Pray, Open Mosque Days, Eid Event, Ramadan Iftars, Social Gatherings and more
  • ANMA aims to be the leading initiative offering a package of services for the Non-Muslim and Revert in Australia.


 Sydney Street Dawah

  • The SSD team engages the wider Australian community in various locations across Sydney including Bankstown, Revesby, Newtown, Hyde Park, Sydney City, Circular Quay, Glebe and more.
  • The primary focus of the Sydney street dawah initiative is to convey the correct message of Islam to the public through interacting with the Australian people, developing a trust in Muslims, building bridges, removing misconceptions, and sharing accurate and authentic literature.
  • Various theme days and exhibitions are held throughout the year to clarify misunderstanding on topics including Jesus, Shariah, Hajj, Halal, Women in Islam and more


Islam’s Logical Message

  • The ILM initiative was established to counter the ever-increasing ideologies and movements that are affecting the Muslim community and directly attacking the Islamic Identity. We recognise that the threat is present on all fronts and all walks of life.
  • To counter this, ILM focuses on demographics including Primary School, High School, University, Public Sphere, Parenting & The Home and Social Media.
  • Some of the strategies incorporated in ILM include Training for parents & teachers, workshops/courses/conferences, publications, Islamic education, Curriculums, public events, nationwide campaigns and more.


Rural Engagement Project

  • R.E.P networks with Muslims in rural Australia with the aim to establish a relationship to offer our services and training as well as offering programs for the wider community including engagement with the Aboriginal community.
  • Some of the activities we offer on the trips include presentations on Islam, Street Dawah, sporting competitions, Dawah training (for local Muslims), BBQs and more.

Our Other Dawah Department Initiatives:

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