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UMA Dawah Series

What if we could reshape the world around us?

What if we could be the hand of change?

What if we could be a part of the betterment of mankind?

We have always wondered, “What If?” while we sit back and watch the world move past us.


This January, the UMA Hub Dawah crew is bringing together ideas, passion and people-power for community impact.

Date: January 2, 9, 16 and 23

It’s Real talk, Real action—the way forward as an Ummah.

So if you feel that stirring too, pull up with us this Jan – Tuesdays, between Maghrib and Isha @ UMA Centre Padstow.

This is OUR chance to step up. Let’s reshape our community’s future together, insha’Allah!

Contact Br Omar (0430 329 224) or The time for change is NOW.

Who’s with us?

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